Neatness: Suffering and Article

Topics: Suffering, Psychology, Human sexual behavior, Article, Violence, Writing / Pages: 3 (533 words) / Published: Apr 3rd, 2013
Daylan motton

Response to “the decline of neatness”

The article “The decline of neatness” explains how the American people no longer care about being neat but more comfortable which Norman describes as sloppiness. He says “sloppiness is like a virus” which in a way is true and that it has spread through our society in everyday life over some decades. The author explains that people have a few to no ideas about how to dress properly that they just follow what they see on TV. Even now we see sloppiness in our language that we speak but not only that it is also full of violent cursing. This can be a source of how violence and brutality play apart in our everyday lives. The youth will suffer from this because their expose to such things like our violent language and behaviors that they will grow immune to and will became senseless individuals who will not get the sufferings of a human being. The author explains that the lack of neatness in our youth will lead to bad relationship in the future. He also says that the sexual relationships shown in movies shows that our feeling for one another is dying and that were becoming more insensitive to everything. . Cousin’s article on how people behave holds some interesting facts due to the fact it connects to the “the decline of neatness” article here. I can say he has somewhat earned my respect because how well the article was setup and how he grabbed my attention in the opening paragraph. Also his persuasive writing style is like no other I have seen. The things I don’t like about the article is how he is saying everyone is becoming affected by trends and being comfortable with what they which is not all the way true but it is still a great article. The way the author had the article organized kind of sucked me in to reading the article more. He had a lot of great ideas and even greater opinions about people behaviors he also had a lot of points to back up his facts and to make his article

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