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For certain people around the world such as anthropologists, the most interesting things are found through a metaphoric realm of unknown mysteries in life. The discovery of such valuable items can often be overlooked by individuals of little interest in its meaning. One great example of this would be the discovery of the Neanderthals. With the diverse variety of beliefs, some people could believe that these Neanderthals are actually the ancestors of mankind today while others may believe that they are not even of the same species. The differences in beliefs can easily be proved by two different aspects through religion and scientists. From who’s aspect is the belief of Neanderthals more realistic, scientists or that of the Mormon religion?

In the eastern hemisphere around the 19th century, the discovery of Neanderthals was brought upon through finding of many fossils. Some of these fossils found included bones and skulls. In the year 1856, a group of people actually found remains of human like bones in Germany. What was interesting was that these bones were very similar to that of human beings but the odd part was the difference in the skull. The description of the skull was that it was thicker, heavier, and the top was more flat. When the findings of these Neanderthals were discovered, people were highly influenced. One scientist in particular who was highly influential in his theories was Charles Darwin. His theory was explained through evolution. The reason why this was so influential at the time period was because it gave scientists a reason more to believe that Neanderthals were in fact our ancestors. On the contrary, religions such as Mormon rejected this theory of evolution.

From the scientist’s point of view, Darwins theory of evolution led them to believe highly in the reasoning of Neanderthals being our ancestors through the many findings. One reason that led to many beliefs was the numerous discoveries of bones and skulls not just one discovery which could be brought upon as a hoax due to the fact that there is no proof that there are more of these species but that was not the case. Many scientists were convinced because of how similar the bones were to our own which was greatly proved to the evolution of humans once Darwin created On the Origin of Species. Comparing Neanderthals wasn’t always easy for scientists though, there is always something new that can be discovered to help. Perhaps new evidence of the environment and activities of Neanderthals could help scientist with that “missing link”.

In a completely different perspective, religious groups such as the Mormons may have completely despised the theory that humans evolved through Neanderthals unless there was in fact precise proof. Some reason of suspicion comes from the fact that there are actually numerous amounts of species that could essentially resemble us such as apes. Mormons could have believed that Neanderthals were just another species that were somewhat similar to us but actually went extinct at one point. What made things like this difficult was the fact that everything Mormons believed in resorted to the one and only god which concluded that if we evolved from Neanderthals then the bones and skulls found must be more similar to our own. In religious beliefs, all human were created to look primarily the same which would mean that in fact there wasn’t an evolution from these Neanderthals.

All in all the views from two different aspects of scientists and religious beliefs can be idealistic to the individuals that fall in each category. Each aspect proves a different theory but has the same intentions on the creation of humans. Whether we were actually evolved over many years from Neanderthals or we have no relation at all in accordance through species, we do indeed share very common characteristics when it comes to the structure of the body. Where exactly did we come from is the question? Do we think scientifically and believe in the fact that we have evolved over many many years? Or do we believe religiously that everyone was created as we are now and a different species than the Neanderthals. Only further more discoveries will reveal the mysteries of humans past.

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