Nau- Not Another Outdoors Company

Topics: Donation, Choice, Philanthropy Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Nowadays, an increasing concern on environment gradually emerges in the public. It seems that anything having some Relationship with eco-friendliness is easy to appeal to people. Some enterprises apply this implicit preference of customers into their marketing strategy, making sustainability and philanthropy inherent in their business, such is the case of NAU Inc.

NAU, a design company, smashes the stereotype by conducting an interaction with customer, promising spare 5% of sales to solve crucial environmental and humanitarian problems. Which area the 5% will go is totally indicated by customers

Ostensibly, NAU is doing a selfless thing. However, when putting it into practice, customers’ preference may be so various, sometimes even strange, thus making the donations too disperse. And if the amount fail to reach a proper level, it will make no difference. The worst situation it may result in is like dividing a cake among too many people, at last even no one can be feed. Moreover, it will be human and expense consuming to distribute donations with so many branches, wore still, hard work at last may not meet its original intention. When considering the effect on the company, 5% of sales largely exceeded the “philanthropic gold standard”, given that global economic environment is not optimistic and the credit crisis still haunts the Europe, donating so much money is probably a burden Which may effect the normal operation in the long run, it is irresponsible for stakeholders and the Philanthropy will be ruined, After all, it is not a charity, a philanthropic action is like a decoration which should only be considered after an adequate profit is preserved.

On the other hand, the strategy this company adopts is more of a market approach , Although it is not high level of environmental sensitivity, such generous donation will surly generate positive impact on our society, at least a stimulation among entrepreneurs. Regardless whether the intention is for pure...
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