Native American Religion

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Americas, United States Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: July 20, 2014
Native American Religion
Instructor: Michael Bogart
Olga Lydia Cockroft

The Native American’s where the first to inhabit the Americas. When we speak about religion in the America’s the first people we will look back to are the Native Americans. We will always look to our history to know where we come from and our backgrounds.

Before there was colonist or anyone here in the Americas the Native Americans called this land home. Native Americans have a great background of religion. They believed that nature was the key to everything. They lived one with nature, and they believed that being one with nature was the only way to live. They lived on the land and killed what they needed and used animal hides for shelter. The Native Americans religion believed in gods and believed that certain Gods controlled certain aspects of life. For all tribal Native American tribes there is always a supreme being who looked and controlled everything, they also believed that they had helper. Much like the saints in the Catholic religion, are helpers to God. The Native Americans focused their lives on balance and harmony. They believed that with the help of a higher being and he/her helpers they could do anything.

The Native Americans lived off the land and animals. They lived in harmony with one another, and they taught each other to respect and one another, they also knew there places in the tribe. The Native Americans live in harmony with the land and the animals. They only hunted when they needed to eat. Once the land and seasons changed they moved on to the next place so that they could live of the land in another place for the next season.

The Native Americans live on like this until the colonist came to America and took over most of their lands. When the settlers first came the Native Americans tried to show them how to live in harmony with the land and the animals. Once the settlers started taking over all of their land the Native Americans tried to fight back...
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