Nationalism Essay

Topics: Islam, Prophets of Islam, Muhammad Pages: 2 (353 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Nationalism Essay

The word Islam means means to submit freely to the commandments and will to there one and only god. There gods name is Allah he is not a special god of some sort he to them is the creator of all things life including mankind. Islamic people have to believe in Allah and The Prophet of Muhammed.

Islamic people believe in many things besides gods they think that the pig is sacred so they do not eat it. They also think that it is a dirty animal and an omen. Other things that Islamic people believe in , believe that no one shares Allah's divinity. There are no other gods besides Allah. Muslims believe Allah does not sleep gets tired or dies. These things are only for Allahs creations. Muslims do not believe that human beings are created in the image of Allah because they are not perfect. They believe that any individual can ask Allah and ask for anything he wants.

Another thing that the Islamic faith believes in is the 5 Pillars. The 5 Pillars consist of The belief of the only god Allah, Belief in Angels, Belief in the Prophets of Allah, Belief in The Day of Judgement, and Destiny, Divine Decree. Muslims also believe that you must pray 5 times a day at certain times. The times are as such dawn , noon, afternoon, sunset, and night. War to the Muslims is not an objective. It is only the last resort and is used under the most extraordinary circumstances, when all other attempts at peace do not work. The Muslim women when going outside of their home must not look attractive and must wear...
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