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Global II
Nationalism was the strongest idea of the 1800’s its influence spread throughout Europe and the Americas. It created new countries and ended old ones, it upset the balance created by the Congress of Vienna and made people want to govern themselves rather than be ruled over.

Nationalism is the belief that people’s greatest loyalty should not be to a king or an empire, but to a nation of people who share a common culture and history. An example of a positive effect of nationalism is the unification of Germany in the mid 1800’s. Otto von Bismark was a German nationalist and wanted to unify Germany under Prussian leadership. Bismark was a Junker and a master realpolitik. Bismark helped lead Germany to their unification and was one of the sole reasons they became a nation, thanks to his nationalism.

Another positive effect of nationalism is the unification of Italy. Italian nationalists wanted leadership from Piedmont-Sardinia. Camillo di Cavour was an Italian nationalist who was named Prime Minister of Italy by king of Sardinia and he worked effortlessly to gain control of Northern Italy for Sardinia. Giuseppe Garibaldi an Italian nationalist that led revolutions in Southern Italy that would eventually lead to the unification of Northern and Southern Italy. As nationalism had its positive effects and unified countries it also was the reason for countries to crumble. The Russian empire which had been around for 370 years and ruled over millions of people came crashing down because of nationalism. The Romanov dynasty of Russia enforced a policy of Russification which was the forcing of Russian culture upon all the ethnic groups in the empire. Being that the Russian empire was very diverse this policy helped singlehandedly destroy the Russian empire. The last Romanov czar left the throne in 1917. In conclusion nationalism is both a good and bad thing to certain extents and depending on the situation. It has been the...
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