National Service in Malaysia

Topics: Skill, Malaysian National Service, Training Pages: 3 (452 words) Published: October 23, 2009

1. Are you interested to go to National Service training program? a) Of course
b) Never
c) Considered
2. How did you enter to NS?
a) Randomly chosen by Government
b) Volunteer
3. How did you imagine NS will be before you went?
a) Strictly
b) Dirty training
c) Bored
d) Great
4. Do you think that NS is important to Malaysia?
a) Yes
b) No
c) I’m not sure
5. Did you face any problem when you participate in NS?
a) A lot
b) A bit
c) Do not have any single trouble
6. How NS skills apply on you after coming back from NS?
a) The skills can apply in my work’s place.
b) The skills can help me running my business.
c) The skills can bring me to manage in team group.
d) All of the above.
7. What skills did you learn after training in NS?
a) Strictly follow the rule, as in military.
b) Independent, can face with difficulties.
c) Easy to make acquainted with other races, groups.
8. How do you feel when coming back from NS?
a) Wonderful
b) Sad
c) No comment
9. During training program, what do you think about NS?
a) Surprise, not bad as I thought.
b) Enjoying
c) Feel hard
10. What do you do after combing back from NS?
a) Continues study
b) Working
c) Play around
d) Run my own business
11. Have NS skills help you in running your business in future? a) Of course
b) No, nothing happen
c) No idea
12. Did you have any problems in communicating with other cultural participants? a) Yes
b) No, it’s easy with me.
c) Before going to NS, it seems better.
13. How do you adapt the military environment in NS?
a) Make acquainted with newbie as me.
b) Let it be.
c) I seem not adept until now.
d) None of the above.
14. Do you think NS program will open up your potential in business? a)...
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