National Service

Topics: Race, Nationalism Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: October 21, 2008
National service
“Baris, baris sedia !” , “Senang diri !” , these are the familiar commands we usually hear in the campsite of national service . National service was proposed in the late of year 2001 and started in year 2004 in Malaysia. Trainees are selected randomly from a national database that includes all citizens registered with a Malaysian identical card, either born locally or overseas through a computerized process each year. National service with the aim of benefiting the youths comprises of four official modules.

Programs in the national service are categorized into four official modules which are physical module, nation building module, character building module and community service module. Physical module includes hand-to-hand combat, Colt M-16 usage, and surviving trainings. Nation building module and character building module are classroom based modules. Nation’s history is among the syllabus study by the trainees in the nation building module. Character building module is divided into two sessions which are Bringing Out The Best In Me and Bringing The Best In Others. Trainees have chance to serve the society and learn about environmental restoration as well as protection while the community service module is proceeding.

National service helps to develop positive characteristics among the younger generation through all the activities. Nowadays, youths are very relay on their parents to help them to do their daily routines. However, in the national service with the lack of resources, youths are force to do it by their own and this will indirectly trains them to be independent. Youths will also be more discipline due to the strict rules in the camp. Patriotism can be instill to the youth by letting them know more about the history of Malaysia and the importance of loyalty to the country.

Besides that, national service enhances unity among the multi-racial communities in Malaysia. National service provides opportunity for youths to...
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