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More than 70% of the Dutch population would like the conscription to be re-established. This is due to the fact that many young people have no clear purpose and spend their time on the streets and cause trouble. Something has to be done about these young troublemakers. A good solution could be that after school, these young not go directly to a vocational training, do a university study, travel or work, but that they join the army or work at nursing homes, hospitals, shelters, environmental- or voluntary organizations. On the one hand this will make youngsters more disciplined and thankful towards the society. However on the other hand the measure will mean that young people will start their study later and thus the age of students graduating will be older than it is now and could mean that employers will hire younger/cheaper personnel. But now the question that could be asked is: will the new conscription be a solution for derailed youth or will the international competition be too damaging to make it worthwhile?

First of all conscription or drafting will make youngsters more disciplined. Nowadays youngsters often just ‘chill’ on the streets. In some cases they even harass and assault innocent people. These loitering youths become vandals in many cases where they, for example, break down public benches, cause damage to bus stops or other public property. If these youngsters would work for the society they are likely to learn to appreciate their elders and be willing to work harder to make the society they live in a success. Army graduates are more likely to think twice before they break down public property, rob an elderly person, or fight one another. A boy, who might get into a fight, will back off because he knows that he served in the army like the man he is about to fight. Girls will be able to defend themselves better and the youth will be much more civilized. Second of all these youngsters will be of much more value on the labor market. Employers are...
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