National Service Training Program in the Philippines

Topics: Training, Citizenship, Dagupan City Pages: 21 (4846 words) Published: June 10, 2012

Name of Researcher:CARMELO JOHN E. VIDAL

Degree:Doctor of Arts
(Major in Educational Management)
Institution:University of Luzon
Address of Institution:Perez Boulevard, Dagupan City

Background of the Study
Republic Act No. 9163, otherwise known as “An Act Establishing the National Service Training Program (NSTP) for Tertiary Level Students”, amending for the Purpose Republic Act 7077 and Presidential Decree No. 1706, and for other purposes and was signed into law in January 23, 2002, envisioned to address public clamour for reforms in the ROTC Program. The amendment of RA 7077 ushered in college students to be marching under a different tune. CWTS and LTS, both non-military in nature, were born.

NSTP addresses the need for national program of youth development and mobilization for the task of nation building. In view of the said scheme and aims, the Program exists and operates in the context of education and national security systems, both of which are important parts of the larger system of national development and security policy. This potentially synergistic relationship between education and defense needs to be understood better, in view of the systematic link between national development and national security, a vital point relevant to enhanced national service training for the Filipino youth. Now that it is barely seven years of NSTP implementation and abolishing it in view of its perceived irrelevancy and mediocrity is not at all a solution. Assuming for the moment the possibility of the Program’s infirmities, prudence dictates that at the outset diagnostics are in order. To set aside misleading biases and false impressions of the program, this assessment study may serve as empirical evidence. There is of course no denying the changes and development of NSTP overtime, in dealing with its shortcomings in terms of its management systems. They must be dealt with resolutely, addressed directly and accurately, strengthening its implementation and nourishing its crucial goal of contributing and developing better citizens.

The assessment of the group of educational leaders is a critique not on the NSTP alone. It provides a basis in elevating the quality of citizenship and its outcomes – the development of our youth in whose hands lie the future of the country. It may not be amiss to say that the program’s outputs and outcomes depend largely on the quality of its leaders – the NSTP implementers. Hence, the study on the implementation of the program components of NSTP particularly the non-ROTC training components.

Statement of the Problem
The study purported to ascertain the implementation of the non-military program components, that is, CWTS and LTS of the National Service Training Program (NSTP) as experienced by select higher educational institutions (HEIs), public and private, in the different parts of the country as a basis for evolving a practical NSTP implementation guide. In more specific terms, this research endeavor is aimed at providing answers to the questions stated hereunder: 1. How are the non-military program components of NSTP implemented by the public and private HEIs may be described, in terms of: a. Training Management comprised of:

1. average number of trainees,
2. size of training staff, and
3. ratio of trainer to trainee;
b. Training Content and Strategies covering:
1. learning themes/topics,
2. methodologies,
3. activities, and
4. mode of trainer, trainee and project evaluation; c. Training Practicum with emphasis on:
1. areas of concentration of trainees’ practicum, and 2....

Bibliography: Republic Act No. 9163 “An Act Establishing the National Service
Training Program (NSTP) for Tertiary
Presidential Decree No. 1706, and
for Other Purposes
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