National Kidney Foundation Case

Topics: Ethics, Money, Non-profit organization Pages: 3 (1008 words) Published: October 27, 2010
The ethical case study is about National Kidney Foundation Singapore (NKF) and its scandal, which resulted in some negative effects on the public trust towards Singaporean charity organizations. One of the most important ethical issues which need to be analyzed is the NKF’s management of the raised money. NKF is well-known and is considered as one of the largest charity in Singapore. For example, in 2002, NKF received S$67.5 million accounting for nearly 18 percent of total donations that year. Nevertheless, how should the charity manage these donations? In fact, it was found that Durai and the board of directors might have involved in some misuse of the donations. However, it’s also really hard to argue if NKF used the money correctly or not because it depends on the value system of each person. In general, the issue had different impacts on some certain stakeholders who are patients, donors, social welfare community, NKF and its former CEO. The first stakeholder who needs to be taken into consideration is patients. It can be said that they are the reason for the existence of NKF and the donations it received every day. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep in mind that patients should be always at the top priority. What these patients want are better services and more subsidies. However, the amount of money that went to these beneficiaries was not as high as expected. In2005, the KMPG report revealed that only 10cents out of every dollar went directly to the patients. Therefore, it can be deduced that the charity didn’t fulfill its objective as a non-profit organization for ESRD patients and patients couldn’t get what they deserved. They should have been given more money to make their life easier and the charity should pay more attention to clinic departments instead of fund-raising ones. Donors are also one of the influenced stakeholders who suffered from this ethical case. It’s obvious that these kind people only wanted to help miserable patients by donating money...
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