Donor Services Department Case

Topics: Management, Leadership, Employment Pages: 3 (807 words) Published: November 19, 2013
1.What was Joanna Reed’s diagnosis of the situation in the donor services department? After talking with the department head, Joanna was able to detect a several problems that the department suffered. First there was a problem with the leadership of the department. One was that the department head Jose, was focusing more on community services rather than managing the workplace. Also, he was relying on Elena for supervision, who lacked leadership skills and had a personality of a follower rather than a leader. The main problem was that most of the workers don’t follow a certain job description and roles were mixed up. Some workers were doing more than they should and some had more free time during their working hours. The workplace lacked training of individuals that every workplace should have. Also, work is not supervised in an orderly manner. Finally, the top management did not give their employees the chance to engage in decision-making.

2.What should she recommend to Sam Wilson?
I believe that Joanna should recommend that Sam Wilson reorganize and restructure the department as a whole. They should assign roles to each individual depending on their job description, to avoid the problem of having some people doing more work than others. Also, the top management has to involve the department in decision making and engaging them in giving ideas and enhancing their services. For example, setting weekly or quarterly goals and trying to meet them. This step also allows the organization to evaluate themselves and knowing how they’re doing. The more the workers get involved in the strategic part of planning, the more they feel obliged to meet those goals and the more they feel loyal to the organization. Sam could also arrange for training programs for the workers. Those training courses can include management or leadership training, to enhance communication skills within the organization. Training courses would also enhance relationships of employees and...
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