Nation School Lunch Program

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Nation School Lunch Program

Steven Daehn

Steven Daehn
Mrs. Smith
Professional Communications -6
18 November 2014
The National School Lunch Program
The National School Lunch Program (NSLP), as promoted by First Lady Michelle Obama, has come under scrutiny because of the increase in costs to public schools.
An investigative report by a Cincinnati TV station finds that the government's new school lunch requirements championed by First Lady Michelle Obama are wasting $4 million a day in discarded food that children won't eat. The National School Lunch Program feeds upwards to 31 million American students a day, spending nearly $12 billion annually, but many of those children are throwing away the vegetables, fruits, and snacks forced on them by the new federal nutrition standards. The National School Boards Association reported Monday that 83.7 percent of school districts around the country have seen an increase in wasted school lunch food since a 2010 law was passed mandating new nutrition rules. The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act was aimed at creating healthier school lunches, but several schools have rebelled against the new rules. Many school districts have reported that while the law requires kids to be served a certain amount of fruits and vegetables, much of that food is being thrown in the trash, resulting in a more costly program that’s not getting results. The NSBA survey seems to confirm that, with its finding that more than four-fifths of school districts are seeing an increase in “plate waste.” The survey said 81.8 percent of schools saw cost increases, and 76.5 percent saw a reduction in participation by students. "Lured by the promise of federal subsidies (read 'free' money), school systems across the country went all in on the Michelle Obama pet project National School Lunch Program's Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act that posed strict limits on calories, fat, sugar, carbohydrates and sodium in school lunches and also...

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