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Narrative Report
On the-job-Training
Subic International Hotel

Submitted By:
Febbelyn Puno
Bs-hrm II

Submitted To:
Mrs. Maribel Tolentino
I want to express a profound gratitude and sincere appreciations to the following people who, in one way or another, contributed a lot or a little in taking my On the-Job-Training successfully.

To the HRM Coordinator of Bataan Peninsula State University Dinalupihan Campus, Mrs. Maribel Tolentino, for preparing and giving the requirements needed for our OJT.

To the Manager of Café Subic, Mrs. Lolita Aquino, for giving her best just to train us and being patience in every mistake I have done.

To the Linen Supervisor of Subic International Hotel, Mrs. Angelin Danila, for the courage and trust she has gave.

To the staff of Internal Audit in Subic International Hotel, Mrs. Bernadette and Ms. Raquel Dela Cruz, for the trust and respect they have shown me.

To my family for their moral and financial support and those people I havemet while having my OJT. Sincere thanks to all Table of Contents
Statement of purpose
The mission and vision of Subic International Hotel
The Company Profile
The Organizational Chart
Establishment Facilities and Equipment
Discussion of Findings/Analysis/Recommendation-Weekly Report Finding of OJT- Restaurant Phase
Forms use in the operation of SIH
Evaluation form
Certificate of training
DTR/ Time Sheet

Statement of Purpose

The objective of these activities is to develop more our skills and talents in all assign tasks and to gained more knowledge. On the-Job-Training serves as an experience of working in our chosen fields. It is also one of the requirements to pass in this course. To see what activities and accomplishments a student can do.



1. To produce and sell room accommodations, food and beverages, entertainment, and other related services at a quality and price level appropriate to a five-star world class hotel serving up scale markets. 2. To establish a reputation and standing in the domestic and international travel and tourism market as a fine, high class, and high quality establishment. 3. To provide satisfying jobs and careers to its personnel, and … 4. To earn a satisfactory rate of return to its stock-holders. VISION:

To be the premiere hotel along the Subic Bay Freeport Zone, wherein unique Asian hospitality can be experienced by the guest.

Delighting guest by providing excellent quality customer services.


Subic International Hotel Corporation is one of the largest hotelsideally located at the heart of the Subic Freeport Zone -the Philippines' most promising investment area. For the well -traveled business executive, one can experience world-class amenities with the comfort of luxurious living as provided for by the hotel's efficient and dedicated staff. For those who just wanted a home away from home, Subic International Hotel Corporation is the next best place one can ever be. In Asia's newest leisure and investment zone, the bewitching magic of Subic Bay begins at Subic International Hotel Corporation where people who believe that time is money prefer to stay. Nestled in one of the country’s first and largest Free Port Zone is Subic International Hotel. It is the haven of today's new breed of foreign and domestic tourists who opt for luxury and relaxation amidst world-class service and facilities. While at Subic International Hotel, delight in Subic's...

September 23, 2011 : Bar Exposure Program
T.G.I Friday’s Bar, Mall of Asia
September 22, 2011 : A Closer Look at In-Flight Catering Operations
NAIA, Pasay City
September 22, 2011 : Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism
Star Cruises Centre, Newport City, Pasay City
September 22, 2011 : Department of Tourism Facilities Tour
With Tourism Industry Orientation, D.O.T
July 21, 2011 : Waitering Services, Back Drafts, Skirting, Flairing
January 8-10, 2011 : Student Familiarization Tour with
Resort Orientation and Operations Seminar
Date of birth : February 9, 1993
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