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Returning to College after Winter Break
For most of winter break, I was pretty excited to come back to school, but when the day finally arrived, I've got to admit, I was suddenly homesick. I hadn’t left yet, but I felt sick, really sick. Everything I ate shot back up, and it got to the point where I couldn’t eat anything, and yet I still had troubles keeping my insides from coming back up. I was supposed to head back later that Tuesday night, but instead I went to the doctor and found out I had Influenza A. Therefore I wasn’t able to go back for another week. I was excited at first because I got to stay home, and wouldn’t have to go back to school for a couple more days! But at the same time I was sick and wouldn’t really get to enjoy being home. While having the flu there was a strange sensation going through my body, and I just ached, there was pressure in my face, my sinuses were like a volcano about to erupt, I had difficulty focusing, I felt like I had been hit by a train, and I was spaced out. I was really glad that I got sick while I was still home so my mom could take care of me, instead of being at college all miserable lying in my dorm room.

I was so excited to go home for break after the stress of finals. Home is so comforting it’s like being on vacation, when I’m there I am so stress, and worry free. I have so many things that I can do at home that just help me get away from the outside world. I can go horseback riding, running on the dirt roads, play fetch with our three dogs, and most importantly spend time with my family every night. Being home is an awesome feeling for me because everything I grew up knowing is there, and college is still so new, and strange. The first few weeks of break I enjoyed being home because I got to do so many great things that I missed doing while away at college. Then as my friends started trickling back to school, my parents went back to work, I got bored and lonely, and so I kind of wanted to go back to college....
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