Nail Salon

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Beauty and Danger: An Endless Relationship Customers in the United States spend over $ 6.4 billion annually on nail salon services alone (McLean). In Atlanta, nail salons seem to locate everywhere with a variety of services. Snellville is one of the most competitive counties of nail salons businesses which provide many differences of nail types and designs. Unfortunately, people tend to focus on the beauty of their nails more than any other aspect. Although customers in Snellville enjoy getting their nails done, they should reconsider visiting a nail salon because the chemicals can cause health problems, the average price of nail services is high, and some of the equipment poses risks to the customer. Toxic chemicals are one of the most dangerous components for the health of people, especially the environment of nail salons in which the use of chemicals is overwhelming. For example, research shows that many nail care products which contain carcinogens and endocrine disruptors may increase a woman’s breast cancer risk (Thu). Although many women come to nail salons to get artificial nails, none of them knows that primer and powder of artificial nails contain benzene and methylene which contribute to tumors. In order to support this point, animal studies have proved that these two components induce mammary gland tumors (Thu). And it is very clear that these tumors may soon transfer into cancer in woman’s breast. As a result, whatever has been proven in animal’s experiments, it may soon be proven in human. That is why customers should pay more attention to these products. Especially, when women turn older, they are more concerned about breast cancer. However, they will never notice about the connection between breast cancers and nail salons. On the other hand, other cosmetic products such as nail polish, nail polish remover, and nail tips adhesive also contain ethyl acetate, acetone, and methyl methacry that efficiently cause health problems (Cora).

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