mythes and heros

Topics: South Africa, Nelson Mandela, African National Congress Pages: 2 (590 words) Published: April 29, 2014
Mythes et Héros

I) Heroes

def : in Latine and Greek mythology is a semi-god. A hero can have an important role an has to be brave.

-> In the human being world, a hero is somebody who does remarkable actions with an exceptional courage. The poet C. Hoove has written « Trail » to denounce oppression in Zimbaboue. In that way he fought against censorship and for freedom. So, he is a kind of a hero because he is not afraid of the authoritarian regime of Robert Mugabe.

-> The husband of Valerie Plame is also a hero because he gets truth back. There was a terrible scandal : Valerie Plame affair in 2002 - document on radio - President of America lied about nuclear weapons in Irak. A diplomat discovered it : he decided to speak out and criticize the American invasion of Irak. The white House then decided to ruine his life. Hopefully his story inspirited books, the affair toured the world but the institution stayed the same.

-> Another famous hero is Nelson Mandela. He was born in 1918 in South Africa. He founded in 1944 the Youth League for the party of the ANC ( African National Congress) . The organization advocated a peaceful opposition and the abolition of apartheid laws. But the situation went worse and the ANC has been prohibited. Mandela was imprisoned during 27 years. When he was released, he received the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in negotiations between whites and blacks. He was then elected President of the Republic in1994. He delivered a message of peace. He wanted a reconciliation of all South African people and built the « rainbow nation ».

-> In parallel, we can not end presenting heroes without presenting super heroes. They are also very useful for the society because they can help building the new generations. From each superhero’s struggles and actions, we had the opportunity to learn good things about ourselves. They are models of moral conduct.

II) Negative Heroes

def : a negative hero beholds anti-heroic and in...
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