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Myeloid tissue
Is the bone marrow
Why we discuss myeloid tissue/bone marrow? – because we want to study the development of blood cells. We called it HEMOPOEISIS/HEMATOPEISIS

HEMOPEISIS/HEMATOPOEISIS –Blood cell formation (occurs in the bone group) Why study this? Because:
there is a continuous replacement of cells
they have short life span when they are in the peripheral circulation so, we have to study how these cells mature and differentiate

Phases of hematopoeisis
MESOBLASTIC PHASE (Prehepatic or primordial phase)
hemopoeisis starts in utero and the development of which in utero at first starts at Yolk Sac The blood cells in utero are formed from the yolk sac
So in the development, the yolk sac degenerates
By 3rd week of embryonic development

HEAPTIC PHASE (Hepatosplenothymic phase)
From the yolk sac, it is transferred to the liver
The formation will occur in the liver
Other books also called it “hepatosplenothymic phase” because it also includes the spleen and the thymus By 6th week of development

MYELOID PHASE (Medulo Lymphatic Phase)
When the bone cells are formed – the medullary cavities of the long bone are fromed- then, the formation will now occur in the bone marrow By 3rd Month of development

What happens then is that you formed your bone marrow
So at BIRTH, all the medullary cavities that are formed are all RED MARROW As you grow at the age of 6 y/o, you start replacing the red marrow with YELLOW MARROW So when you the age of 10, most of the red marrow is replaced by yellow marrow except: Sternum

Pelvic bones
Epiphysis of the long bones
So this are the sites of hemopoeisis in adults
Bone marrow aspiration –usually taken from the pelvic
So these are now the sites of red marrow

Red Marrow
Active in hemopoeisis

Yellow Marrow
Inactive during hemopoeisis because it consist of adipose
in cases of emergencies, some authors believe that this yellow marrow could be reverted back to red marrow

So when we talk about the bone marrow, what are the cells present (anong cells ang nasa loob ng bone marrow?)? –HEMOPOEITIC STEM CELLS and STROMAL CELLS

Anong tawag sa stromal cells? RETICULAR CELLS/ENDOTHELIAL CELLS/ENDOTHELIUM FIBROBLAST Signifiacnce: these are the cells that produce your CSF (hindi Cerebrospinal fluid) - COLONY STIMULATING FACTORS or HEMATOPOEITIC GROWTH FACTOR (HEMOPOEITIN) -They are important for the maturation of blood cells in the bone marrow

So where thus these cells originate? All cells originate to what we call as Parent cell –PLURIPOTENT CELL/PLURIPOTENTIAL HEMATOPOEITIC STEM CELL Before it was called Hemocytoblast but it was change to pluripotent. Why is called pluripotent/multipotent? Because it can differentiate to the different series of your blood lines

From PHC, it will form two lines/linkages myeloid and lymphoid line From this 2lines, you call this progenitors or develop CFUs (Colony forming units) So, from the stem cell, it will develop progenitor/CFU

Each of the series have CFU

PRINCIPLE INVOLVED in the development of each series:

Decrease in cell size
Ibig sabihihn pag sinabi mong blast, yung parent cell na nassa bone marrow malala Average 16-20 micra
Anong nangyayari habang nagmamature? Lumiliit.
RBC- from 16 micra – 7.5 micra in diameter
Myecloblast- from 16-18 micra ---- 10-12 micra in diameter
Platelets- 50 micra – 3 micra in diameter

Condensation on the Nucleus
RBC: In erythrocytinc series, after the condensation there will be extrusion of the nucleus
DICNOSIS to SHRINK to Plalabasin

WBC: there will only be changes in the shape of the Nucleus
* Kaya nga para madifferentiate mo ang different types of white blood cell, titignan mo yung itsura Nucleus.

How does the cells develop
From proerthroblast to mature the red blood cell -7 days

Proerythroblast- bigcell
- 16 micra in diameter
- nucles is pale...
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