My Unforgetable Trip to California

Topics: Wine, California wine, Napa Valley Wine Train Pages: 3 (852 words) Published: March 30, 2013
My Unforgettable Trip to California
Mirna El Hadi
American Intercontinental University

English 106

Dr. Rebecca Coleman

January 12, 2013

“My Unforgettable Trip to California”

This past April, my friend and I took a five-day trip to California, where we visited San Francisco and the Napa Valley wine country. We flew out on a Friday morning and stayed in the Golden State until Wednesday afternoon. During our visit, we saw quite a bit of gorgeous scenery, ate some scrumptious food, and drank some tasty wine. All in all, it was a fun, relaxing, and memorable vacation. But the reason the getaway was truly memorable is because I lucky to spend such an amazing time where I got to enjoy an awesome weather visit some unforgettable places, and best of all, try new kinds of food, which is my favorite. “Cool Weather for a Vacation Pleasure”

When it comes to San Francisco’s weather, all I can say is “Gorgeous.” I mean that many great aspects of our vacation that were beyond our control just happened to go in our favor. In San Francisco, for instance, the weather was absolutely beautiful, with sunshine, very few clouds, and mild temperatures. The city has a reputation for being foggy, chilly, and windy, so we were fortunate to experience the lovely weather while we were there. In addition, my friend and I went to Pier 51, which is “home” to some sea lions during certain times of the year. Though there are many times throughout the year that the sea lions are not present, we visited when there were literally hundreds of them on and around platforms just off the pier. “Food Sensation on a Happy Vacation”

Our trip to San Francisco was lucky for reasons other than weather and seasonal factors. During our first night in the city, we had no idea where to have dinner. So we sought the advice of our hotel concierge knowing fully well that he might direct us to an establishment of nominal quality simply because...
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