My True Story...

Topics: Cheating Pages: 2 (649 words) Published: April 2, 2013
This is my true story…
As an ex-sportsman I know about sport a lot. It was really good and unforgettable time. That's why I'll tell you my story from the very beginning. I was about twelve years old when our lesson was visited by my future coach. He asked us about our wish to attend his training. I was curious about it and decided to go there. Believe or not but I spent there more than half of my present life and have no regrets. Mostly, there was very hard training but with a bit of fun. There I found lots of friends who I meet even at present. And also it helped me with my school, technical and university education. Because I was a member of our regional team whether it was Kursk or Moscow. Concerning to my attitude to fair or cheating behavior I may say that I never cheated on someone. Our trainer used to tell us that you are the only person whom you cheat. I was quite skillful and had a strong body as well as spirit. But one day everything was shattered in a moment. It was Moscow championship, semi-final. I was a favorite and was leading that fight by points. But one awkward movement and my arm was broken. At first I didn't understand it and continued to struggle. Then I stopped it and asked a doctor to check my arm. He said that it had been broken but I didn't care because it was a semi-final. I said myself that I should overcome the pain because one step forward and I was in the final which could give me an opportunity to go to European or World championship. Actually when I was young I was inspired by one of the most popular sportsman in our town. He used to do judo as well as I did. There were Goodwill Games, the same semi-final. And he won it, but refused the final. Sorry, I was a little side-tracked. Let me continue my story. My friends and doctor helped me to fix my arm and I continued to wrestle. But I lost too much time that's why I was punished. The referee reduced my winning points due to the time limit absence and I couldn't win (or play) them...
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