My Summer Vacation

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my summer vacation

confrontation| The act of confronting or the state of being confronted, especially a meeting face to face.Discord or a clash of opinions and ideas: an age of ideological confrontation.| congenial| Pleasant because of a personality, qualities, or interests that are similar to one's own.Pleasant or agreeable because suited to one's taste or inclination.| zap| To kill, destroy, hit something/someone|

Zeal| It is great enthusiasm especially in connection with work and religion or politics| expedite| Means you cause it to be done more quickly|
GESTURE| 1. A motion of the limbs or body made to express or help express thought or to emphasize speech.2. The act of moving the limbs or body as an expression of thought or emphasis.3. An act or a remark made as a formality or as a sign of intention or attitude: sent flowers as a gesture of sympathy.| apologise| To feel sorry, "I apologized for being late";| rationalize| To give some logical reasoningTo justify with some good reasonsto ascribe (one's actions) to causes that seem reasonable but do not reflect true, unconscious, or less creditable causes.| Compassion| a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering.| facetious| Not meant to be taken seriously|

Fickle mindedness| State of having an often changing mind| fickle| Changing frequentlynot constant or loyal in affections: a fickle lover.|

Teri dosti hum is tarah nibhayenge,
Tum roz khafa hona hum roz manayenge,
Par man jana manane se,
Warna yeh bhigi palkein le ke hum kaha jayenge…

My dear Mr. _______________ (name of the boss) , my dear colleagues, ladies and gentlemen, though I take immense pleasure and feel thankful to all of you for offering me an opportunity to talk to you all at this occasion, right deep inner side of my heart, I fee a sort of sadness while thinking that our honorable Boss ( or his name ) is getting retired (or leaving for good) effective from ___________.

I need not say, how he treated us as a member of a family and extended all cooperation we required at every crucial time of our work. We found him gentle and humble, always ready to solve our problems. No doubt we had a gem of a person as the head of our department / company / organization.

Though he is getting departed from us, we request him to assist us with his good guidance, being away from us, as and when we required, on any matter.

Apart from official matters, I found him helpful personally with his kind the gentleness. I thank him personally and on behalf of all the staff of this department / company / organization and request him to share with us some of his views at this moment. Hence, I invite him for a short speech or rather for a good advice from him.

I would like to take this opportunity to say farewell to my boss Mr.John Smith and also Mr Brown. Today remind me of the time when the first I met Mr.John about 2 years ago. I came as a new civil engineer and worked under him. It doesn’t feel almost 2 years I have been working with you and spent much time working together with you on this project . I just want to let you know how much I have enjoyed working under you over this past 2 years. I've learned so much , from how to make a good design and planning in civil work scope, and how to organize that works. you have inspired me how to be a good civil engineer . You've been a great boss, friend and mentor for me."

In this time I would like to thank also to Mr. Brown for the help and also his guidance during these years. I really appreciate your support for my job over these past years.

Anyway, John and Brown, it has been nice to know you. I will remember you as a great boss who is not stingy in sharing his knowledge and generous in giving advice, although sometimes I did not ask for it.

I hope this is not goodbye for us , but only "see you later”

I'd like to...
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