A Lesson Before Dying

Topics: Noun, Petrifaction, Secrecy Pages: 3 (558 words) Published: April 16, 2014
A Lesson Before Dying
Vocabulary List 3
1. Tolerate, verb
To allow without prohibiting or opposing; to permit
I do not tolerate bad behavior.
I allow people to eat food in my class.
2. Impatient, adjective
Unable to wait patiently or tolerate delay; restless
I am very impatient.
I get annoyed easily.
3. Flaunt, verb
To exhibit or show off shamelessly
She flaunted her new car.
She showed off her new shoes.
4. Pending, adjective
Not yet decided or settled; awaiting conclusion or confirmation PREP Your confirmation number is pending.
I am undecided if to have a party or go shopping.
5. Criticize, verb
To find fault with
My mom criticize me about everything.
6. Gesture, noun
A motion of the limbs or body made to express or help express thought or to emphasize speech That was a very friendly gesture.
I signaled for help.

7. Innate, adjective
Possessed at birth; inborn
Tiger Woods has innate ability to play golf.
Everything in my house is natural.
8. Petrify, verb
To convert (wood or other organic matter) into a stony replica by petrifaction The stone in my necklace is made of petrified wood.
9. Pry, verb
To look or inquire closely, curiously, or impertinently
I used all the force I could to pry open the tightly closed lid on the pickle jar. She spied on the girl through the window.
10. Stealth, noun
The act of moving, proceeding, or acting in a covert or secretive way The girl moved in a stealth way.
11. Stutter, verb
To speak or utter with a spasmodic repetition or prolongation of sounds I know when my sister is lying because she starts to stutter. She stumbled over her words.
12. Tyrant, noun
An absolute ruler who governs without restrictions
The criminal who became king was a tyrant.
In England they have a dictator.

13. Ventilate, verb
To admit fresh air into (a mine, for example) to replace stale or noxious air I let down the window so we could get some ventilation in the car. Can you...
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