My Holiday

Topics: Luck, Thailand, Chance Pages: 1 (278 words) Published: September 30, 2009
If talking about a place that I want to visit, many people may think about foreign countries, but for me, I think that Thailand is one of the most wonderful place in the world. It is second to none since she has many places that I have never been or the place that I would like to revist again and again. For me I chose the place that I have ever been many times which is Cheng mai, the place that I spent my long holidays during the Songklan festival. Cheng mai is one of the most fastinating provinces in Thailand since I can enjoy nature there in the day time and enjoy the nightlife at night. Besides, the people there are so friendly. Moreover, the unique culture such as traditional dress, and food are so nice. Morever, there are two places that are very famous: Doi Intanon and Doi Suthep.

Other people may agree that anyone who has been there may want to visit there again. Staying there only 2-3 days is never enough. If I have any chance to visit Cheng mai again during the Songkhan festival, I would enjoy it very much. Joining the water splash there is so plesent because the people are very polite and always follow rules. Moreover, the parade is very beautiful also since the people joined to making a merit for good luck in the coming Thai's new year. To sum up, I was impressed with the traditions, culture, and attractions of Chang mai. If I have a chance to choose the place that I want to visit the most, it will certainly be Cheng mai. Thank you
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