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Topics: Sociology, Social class, Marxism Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: March 11, 2013
In this essay I will examine how different sociology groups such as; social action, functionalists, and Marxists, would each view Zees colony. Social Action sociologists would say that Zees society is based on choice and free will; for example, when Zee goes to dance with the princess and chooses not to dance in the same way that the rest of the colony dances. This is because social action sociologists believe that we, as individuals, are not shaped by society but by our own free will and choice. However, I would not agree that zees society is based on free will and choice because the rest of the colony are pushed and expected to keep their status and role in order to achieve their expected values in a dictated culture of society, showing the clear difference between Ruling and Working class. Functionalists, however, would say that Zees society is based on census, meaning general agreement in society, where everyone agrees on the right values and what is worthwhile. An example of this is when they all work together to move a ball in the colony. This highlights every member of the colony’s function, a job they have to do in order to make sure their society runs smoothly and in harmony to achieve its agreed values; this is because Functionalists look at society on a macro scale and not people as individuals, meaning that, unlike the social action sociologists, they would not look at zees personal free will and choice, but the society’s as a whole. Marxists would completely disagree with the functionalists based on their negative view of society. They believe that society is dominated by the ruling class. Looking at Zees colony on a macro scale they would see the colony based on conflict between the classes; this is because of the clear difference between working class and ruling class. We can see this if we compare each class’s lifestyle and where they live. The working class work in the dirt for the benefit of the ruling class and have small rooms to share,...
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