My Own Place

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My Own Place Report Optional Item (1000-1500 words) Suggested layout for a report on My Own Place Title page Title This should clearly state that the document is a report on My Own Place and identify the local area being investigated. Subtitle may be added to give greater detail. Authors name The intended audience For the attention of the LCVP coordinator and LCVP examiner Date of completion of the investigation (include year) Table of Contents This is a list of the main elements/sections of the report giving the page numbers on which they appear. All pages must be numbered. Introduction Brief description of the local area and indicates The scope of the investigation (i.e. what aspects of the local area are being investigated). Perhaps a sketch map showing the geographical location of the local area Aims/Objectives What the student set out to investigate and/or hoped to achieve through the activity. Numbered or bulleted list. The student may if he/she wishes, include both group and personal aims. Five objectives to ensure content and conclusions A personal objective ensures the Report is personalised. Research Methods A concise description of the different ways the student or group organised the collection of relevant information about the local area. Short numbered or bulleted sentences are sufficient. Three Research methods Ensure one personalised Research method Conclusions must link to aims My Own Place Report continued Out-of School activityThe student should record the date ( include year) of the activity, describe briefly what took place and indicate how the information gained was subsequently used. This must be a Group activity. Body of the ReportMain findings of investigation Perhaps some headings and elaborate. Key aspects of the investigation are described and analysed. Paragraphs in a logical sequence under clear headings (and sub-headings as appropriate). Small, relevant illustrations, such as maps or statistical tables may be included here. Analysis of a local issue Identify and analyse an issue relevant to the local area being investigated and propose recommendations Link to learning At least two different subjects along with an explanation of their relevance. Evidence of Personal Contribution A paragraph entitled My Personal Contribution in the body of the report By highlighting personal contribution (e.g. using italics) at appropriate points By including an overview and evaluation of personal contribution at the end Conclusions Relate to the aims/objectives of the investigation and elaborate. RecommendationsBased on the reports conclusions (e.g. suggestions for future action). Perhaps three recommendations and ensure to elaborate. EvaluationShould include an evaluation of the Following Investigation itself The group activity Personal performance (if not dealt with separately) AppendicesMaximum two items Ensure to cross reference in main Report 1.1 etc Photographs, Charts Diagrams Must be word processed. Must be a group activity Marks 50/240 20.83 Marks 50/240 20.83 WhijjcYigzypJA A7ApAzvyg. ,3,sGlmMtRH n x

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