My Old House

Topics: Driveway, Purple, Plum Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: December 14, 2005
It was an uncomfortable fifteen minute drive that felt like a decade. I hadn't been to my destination in over a year and I was only visiting out of curiosity. I was now at my old house in La Costa in which I had cried many nights prior to leaving. When I arrived I concealed my hands inside of my sweatshirt and put my hood on to shield the sight. My trembling legs tried restraining me from getting out of the car. I missed the house so much. It was a beautiful house in a friendly neighborhood, in which I spent most of my life. However, everything had changed. The palm trees that we had planted and anxiously awaited their growth were gone. The old plum tree that always had such an excess of plums that they'd fall and turn our driveway a shade of purple was gone. The thick bushes with inedible berries that attracted caterpillars every year was also gone. Instead of these plants that helped to mark the beginning of new seasons, there was boring grass and a plastic swing set that would be thrown out after a few years. Also, the drive way that used to be shades of purple was now plain, common white. Before we moved, we got the house repainted white and now it was green with pinkish tan trimming. Also, there used to be a waterfall near the pool but they removed that, along with the statue of a dog holding a basket of flowers, and instead put a black fence all around the pool like a jail. The rose garden in the backyard that made our entire house smell fresh and colorful was gone. These people were like the Adam's Family and removed everything beautiful and peaceful. I kicked the dirt and shuffled my feet back to the car looking at the ground the whole time. I yelled, "LET"S GO NOW! I don't want to be here anymore." It was then that I looked at my old room to see that the balcony and the wall mural inside hadn't changed. I remembered when I danced on my balcony pretending I was Baby Spice while blasting Spice Girls. I pictured my balcony during the holidays, decorated...
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