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Art is that which brings life in harmony with the beauty of the beauty of the world. – Plato Art is the medium by which the artist communicates with his fellow. – Van Dyke Art is anything made or done by man that affects or moves us so that we see or feel the beauty in it. – Collins and Riley Art is taken from the Italian word “artis”, which means craftsmanship, skill, mastery of form and ideas, between materials and techniques. – A. Tan Art is a reflection or a mirror of beauty. – Aristotle

Arts is hard to explain because it is relative to the person. An art may look like trash or garbage to others but for its creator it is a master piece. Simply put, art is an expression of a person's feelings through his creative mind. ARTISTS CREATE WORKS OF ART TO:

Make us feel an emotion;
Tell a story;
Make a point; or
Awaken our senses.
Art includes paintings, photographs, sculpture, movies, plays, music, dance, Fashion, books, poetry and design.
Talk about art you have seen in these different categories.
What kinds of art do you and your family enjoy?
What kinds would you like to discover or learn more about?

Take a look at Visual arts
Visual artists make many, many choices.
Some might include:
What should be shown? Should it look realistic or not? Should it be real or imagined? What colours, shapes and textures should be used? Though these two sculptures are from different artists from Different cultures and eras, they seem to show the same thing: a person deep in thought.

Study the two sculptures. Look closely at the shapes and how the artists present the figures. How are they similar? How are they different? “The Thinker of Cernavoda” is a fired-clay sculpture found in the European country of Romania. It's thought to be about 7,000 years old. Auguste Rodin's bronze and marble “The Thinker” was first seen publicly in 1902, in Paris, France. Does this information surprise you in any way? Why or why not?

Have a Second ‘Thought’
The Rodin sculpture called “Thought” may look unfinished, but it is exactly as Rodin wanted it to be. How does it compare to “The Thinker”? What feelings does each work inspire? What does each seem to say about thinking? ART MAKES US FEEL

Meet the Starry Night Painting
Vincent Van Gogh only sold one painting during his lifetime (1853-1890), but now he is one of the most famous painters of all. Study his “Starry Night” for a few minutes. Does it show a still moment or does it seem to be moving? Why? What is the mood of the painting? Is it scary? Sad? Joyful? Wondrous? Comforting? Disorienting? Hot? Cold? Do different parts of the painting make you feel different ways? Meet a Mysterious Girl

“Starry Night” is not meant to be a realistic depiction of a night sky, but Johannes Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring” seems very real. What parts of the painting are your eyes drawn to? What do you think her expression means? Part of the painting’s appeal is that the young woman doesn’t seem to be posing at all — she’s looking over her shoulder as if she’s about to ask us a question, or answer one of ours. And she is one of art’s enduring mysteries. No one knows who she is and why she is dressed so exotically

Meet Joan Miro’s Abstract Painting
Joan Miro’s “Bleu II” is an abstract painting. That means it doesn’t represent areal-life object, but may be based on a feeling or a concept. Some people find abstract art frustrating, saying they “don’t get it.” But there’s usually no great mystery — the artist carefully assembles and arranges color, shapes, shadings and lines to create an interesting and emotionally evocative piece of art. Does this painting seem still or moving? Do different parts stand still while others move? What types of real-life objects do the black shapes remind you of? Do the red and black shapes seem informal and relaxed or formal and rigid? If this were a real place, would you want to visit it? If you were to...
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