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My name comes from a small tribe in Nigeria. It means alert is the language. My father was born in Africa where the name is heard more frequently. My mother travelled out there with my dad and picked a name for their child. There were many names to choose from, so they picked the one that everyone will mispronounce when they get back into the states. Over the years I acquired many different nicknames one of which I am still using. Some of my favorites have to be Vesh or V. There are many that I dislike though such as Veshy, Vegetable, VuVu, or Vagina. Saying my name isn't one of the easiest words on the planet. People always get a look before there about to say my name for the first time; I always know when I'm up. They always say something like, "I'm sorry if I'm going to mispronounce this, but is it Vershima?" With a name like this you have to be open to a lot of correcting. I feel like my name is very unique and that I am one in a million people to have in the Untied States. My name has always been very long for me to write. I have never enjoyed writing the whole thing out on paper. My name has gotten me into very different situations. I have received various letters from organizations such as, Miss America pageant, women's soccer, and also a free tampon in the mail. I think my name can also be a ghetto black girls name if it wanted to be. When I say it not that much comes to mind except that I could be getting in trouble cause only my mom or dad call me by my whole name. Influence with my name made me get a nick name because it is so hard for people to pronounce. Every time I have to correct someone and you always get tired of that situation. My name is very unique, especially with my unique personality. I would never change it because then that wouldn't be me. In some odd case that my name must be forbidden to say, I would change it to Daniel, which is my middle name. The children I have will probably not have as extravagant names as...
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