My Mother At Sixty-Six Analysis

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I emphasise at at the outset that Panini Priyesh Pandey understood the subtle nuances of the pieces I taught, grasped the global meaning as well as the message of the sub-text. Like one who had a natural inclination to the creative arts, he seamlessly interpreted details that his cohorts missed and joined the dots that made the story.
Panini was an outstanding student andconsistently maintained his position among the top ten of his class. I taught him English language and literature for two years, from June 2013 up to March 2015. Panini appreciated the different writing genres – from the humorous to the tragic. I was especially touched by his sensitively written assignment on Kamala Das’ poem, ‘My Mother at Sixty-six’,...

In the course of my interactions with Panini and careful perusal of his resume, Panini’s commendable athletic skills must be mentioned. He was a footballer and was a part of his school’s winning team in the football zonals in 2011-2012. My mentioning that Panini also has an actor in him and enacted one of the lead roles in his school’s rendition of the musical, ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ will complete his persona.

In my unbiased opinionPanini has a rich blend of rational thinking, logical reasoning and discipline required for a person who desires a career in graphics. He has an inquisitive mind and good interpretation abilities that will also facilitate research work at your university. I strongly recommend him to the undergraduate program of ‘BA in Graphics’ in your esteemed university. Please contact me on the given numbers in case you would like to ask anything else regarding Panini’s candidacy.

Ms. Shalini Prasad...

I would introduce Panini, who aspires to pursue undergraduate studies in Graphics in your university, as a creative student, a quick learner whose middle name is tenacity.

In the course of the three years that I took his classes for Socially Useful and Productive Work (SUPW), I understood that in him I had a student who wanted to combine his love for the arts with his passion for ‘paying it forward’. Consequently, he was the first to volunteer his services for school activities. Needless to say that he was also an enthusiastic participant in our school plays and other cultural activities.

As Panini’s Art Teacher, I found he had praiseworthy aestheic sensibilities and a great color sense. It was evident that he earnestly desired to learn more and challenged himself continuously to that end. He executed several projects for me in the three years that he was my student. Some of which especially earned my commendation were on his works with pen and dry...
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