my life in 20 years

Topics: Personal life, Happiness, Pessimism / Pages: 3 (702 words) / Published: Apr 3rd, 2014
Though this period of twenty years is negligibly small on the evolutionary time scale, it is, when considered in terms of man's span of life, a considerably long period. My friends frown upon my pessimistic attitude so I shall be optimistic when I think of what life has in store for me. Where will I be in 20 years? Well, if everything remains equal, I would be comfortably off and be pleasantly burdened with responsibilities.
I shall have some material comforts and live a happy life. I will probably have a house of my own. I wonder what kind of magnificent television sets we will have then. There will be a whole lot of channels to choose from. If the satellite system is perfected, we shall be able to view television programs from all over the world. I love music. I expect in 20 years, the degree of fidelity in electronic sound reproduction to be so high that I can actually listen to great, realistic concerts in my own room. At the rate we are miniaturizing electronic contraptions; I expect my entire sound system to be the size of a match box. My telephone will have that gadget that will enable me to see the person I am talking to. I wonder if domestic lighting will be the same. I can safely predict that my kitchen will probably look like some high-class science laboratory. There will be numerous labour-saving devices that will ease our domestic burden. I feel so many changes will occur. I wonder what my car will look like.
How will my personal life change? I feel my physical energy would be very much diminished and 1 would have retired from football. I hope to be a veteran croquet player, playing doubles at least twice a week. I will most definitely not take to golf, even if I have the opportunity. I could be mentally restless and I would have developed a few hobbies and cactus-growing will be one of them. I would be inviting friends to play croquet with me on Sundays and we would he absorbed in the game, unaware of the world around.
Not only will my leisure

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