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DMT 106 Language


“The environment necessary for the development of language can be enhanced to structure the child from birth to 6 years .How is language encouraged in the Montessori nursery class?


Language is defined as the system of sounds and works used by humans to express their thoughts and feelings. Language can be in written or spoken form.

Languages, in the form of written volumes, contain the accumulated knowledge and experience of mankind in relation to every art and science. (What you should know about your child, Ch-8, Pg-28).

The newly born child is different from the point of view of heredity from the newly born mammals. The mammals inherit is bodily from precisely to suit the functions it has to perform in life. They are very adaptable to the environment. Man is different/ Man is in fact the only species capable of indefinite evolution in the activities in the outer world. From this flows the development of civilization.

Instead of being born possessed of them, he has to absorb them from outside him. (Basic ideas of Montessori’s Educational Theory, Ch-3, Pg.58).

The Language for example. The child is not born with a predetermined language but with potential to learn. The development of language in a child is not gradual or uniform. First he will in all the different sounds in his environment through the processing of listening but he will not speak a word. Suddenly, the child is able to utter a few syllables, then his first word, then names of objects or things around him. Gradually, more works and names and later to making of sentences. Besides, listening, a child is also taking in impressions of speech by observing the adult’s mouth and lip movements. All these impressions from sight and hearing are stored in child’s subconscious mind. Dr. Montessori called it the “Absorbent Mind.”

At a certain point of time, a special sensitivity appears during the child’s mental development. It is during this time that consciousness has come too birth and began to take control. This special sensitivity is called the sensitive periods.

This absorbent mind does not construct with a voluntary effort, but accordingly to the lead of “inner sensitivities” which we call “sensitive periods” as the sensitivity lasts only for a definite period, i.e. Until acquisitions to be made according to the natural development has been achieved. (Basic ideas of Montessori Theory, Ch-3, Pg-59).

Communication between the children and the adult are always appreciated. Natural conversation with the child is essential, since it gives experiences with applied language principles. Our conversation with the child is interactive-rather than directive. Open-ended questions make it possible for the child to respond. The child discovers that his thought stimulates a response. The question and answer pattern, which his so much part of conversation is used. There will be small group of conversations, which offer the child opportunity to listen and respond at thru appropriate time.

Dr Montessori felt that a child in his sensitive periods could acquire a particular skill naturally easy, inspiring and alive. Thus she developed her method to take advantage of this power. They are divided into four stages.

The first stage is oral and auditory activities. In Montessori classroom, children oral the auditory skills are sharpened through stories read to them, songs, games, poems, finer play and naming activities. The children are often read to so as to explore the sounds of words and widen their horizon in the real world.

There is an unconscious activity that prepares speech, succeeded by a conscious process, which slowly awakens and takes from the unconscious, what it can offer. (The Absorbent Mind, Ch-10, Pg-104).

As it is natural for the child to learn to speak by observing and hearing other around him, this is not so for writing and reading. A hearing child living among speaking adults...

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