My Idol

Topics: Player, World, Shakib Al Hasan Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: November 22, 2013
In our life, we all have that special person whom we always try to follow. It is not that we copy them, but we try to take out the best part of them and fix them on us. This is for everyone. Like that I also have an idol whom I’ve been following till now and it is that he’s helping me unknowingly. He is none other than the no:1 all-rounder in the world Shakib Al Hasan… It might seems funny to everyone but it is a true fact. Once I read an article of Shakib in a news paper where he wrote that how difficult was it for him to continue both studies and playing together. He never thought that he’ll be this much succeeded in his life. But he also not stopped dreaming. He carried on the both fields to fulfill his dream. He knew that if he tried hard and soul no one can stop him. He said that when he was young he used to play crickets by bunking classes. And he also admit that his father used to bit him for that…. but he never stopped playing.. he had so many difficulties in his life. But he proved that after clouds comes fair weather. Now we all know that what He is. He has that much ability to beat any player of the world. He’s one of the players in Bangladesh in whom we can depend. He has given Bangladesh a lot of respect already.That’s why I’ve choosen him as my idol. He’s still a student of English literature which clearly proves that he has a deep willing in his studies beside playing still now. I would say to all the youngstars of our present generation to follow him. If we can follow him then there will be more Shakib Al Hasans in our Bangladesh. If he can become the no:1 all-rounder in the world by studying properly and building his career together…. why can’t we?? ………. FAIRUZ MALIHA Summerfield International School
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