Bend It Like Beckham

Topics: American football, Sikhism, Bend It Like Beckham Pages: 3 (461 words) Published: August 14, 2013
Bend it Like Beckham
Friday, May 31, 2013
7:46 PM
page 6 of the booklet.
A description of Jess and her English friend, Jules (Juliette). Both Jess and Jules love Beckham and they are 18 years old. They prefer to wear tracksuits rather then wearing attractive clothes like Jess' sister Pinky. They were both skillful at soccer and they both loved Joe.  

Describe the homes both girls live in and the area around their homes. Jess' house is filled with photos of Guru Nanak (the founder of Sikhism), and the color scheme is not the same throughout the house. While ion the other hand Jules house is one coloured which is purple. It shows that their family is creative and they like to make things at home.  

Who is the person with the most authority in Jess' family?
The person with the most authority in Jess' house is Mr. Bhamra.  
How are Jules' parents different from each other?
Jules father supports Jules when she is playing football while her mother does not like the idea of Jules playing football.  
Which of the four parents do you like the most? Why?
I like Mr. Bhamra the best because he is trying to give knowledge about the Indian culture but at the same time, he is letting Jess fulfill her dream which is to play football.  
What levels of education have Jess and Jules reached?
Both Jess and Jules have finished Yr.12 and now they are going to start University.  
In what way/s are you like Jess or Jules?
I am helpful at home, well liked by my friends and I am friendly with my peers.  
page seven of the booklet.
1. Just because he got insulted, does not mean that he has to stop playing cricket. He could still try hard and play for another team. Success comes through hard work. 2. It was right for Jess to say this as the other girls were getting crazy after any boy they saw but Jess was not like that. They were actually acting like sluts. 3. No, because Jules was actually interfering with Jess' and Joe's life. 4. Although Joe's...
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