My House

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Brain Of Britain

Ben: Wake up Kelly. Get up! (Baby voice)

Kelly: What who said that. (sleepy voice)

(Ben leans over Kelly while she's in bed and druels over her.)

(Kelly openers her eyes gets up and chases Ben round the house, then Ben runs into his Mum's room.)

(Their Mum gets up)

Mum: Kelly why are you are you chasing after your poor brother like that? (Sleepy voice)

Kelly: Because he woke me up again. (Angry voice)

Mum: Ben you need to stop doing that and as for you young lady, you're grounded, let me decide for a week.

Kelly: bu..

Mum: If ifs and buts were coconuts

Kelly: Fine

(A few hours later)
(Mum opens curtains and Kelly wakes up.)

Kelly: Why are you opening the curtains? It's way too early.

Mum: Don't you remember it's the first day of Big School.

Kelly: It's High School not Big School Mum. Do you realise that I'm not a three.

Mum: OK,OK,OK! Anyway hurry up your going to be late.

(Kelly goes downstairs)

Mum: The breakfast's on the table Kelly.

(Kelly eats her breakfast and gets into the car)

(At school)
(The school bell rings just as Kelly goes in)

Jane: Hey Kelly,

Narrate: Jane is my best friend and she protects me. But then she gets on my nerves.

Adbol: Hey Kelly,
Narrate: Adbol is another one of my only friends but I worry about him sometimes.

(The camera points at Adbol when he's about to do a weird stunt)

Jane: Come on Kelly you'll be late for maths.

(Kelly tries to run, but fails and ends up walking back to the classroom)

Mr. Preston: Abdol what's the cubed root of 343?

Abdol: 34?

Mr. Preston: Kelly can you correct him?

Kelly: Of course I can Mr. Preston this maths is so simple. I've been practising at home. The answer is 7.

Jake: Nerd, Loner

Mr. Preston: That's enough Jake you can see me after class. (Stern voice)

(The bell rings and they all rush out to break including Jake.)

Mr. Preston: Come here Jake.

(Kelly is still left standing in the classroom)

Kelly: Mr. Preston please may you extend the maths lessons. It's kind of my favourite thing in the world.

(Kelly sees Jake looking in the window)

(Outside on busy concrete playground)
(Jane and Kelly are playing catch and are not good Zane the bully walks over)

Zane: Look, the two nerds are playing catch.

Jane: Shut up Zane (trying to sound brave)

Zane: Why should I?

Kelly: Because she told you to.

(Zane knocks Kelly of her feet)

Kelly: What are you doing to me?

Zane: This.

(Everyone crowds around saying fight fight)

(Zane comes charging at Kelly and punches her in her face knocking her glasses off)

(While Kelly's got a nose bleed she runs into the principals office)

Principal: Go to the nurse, I'll sort this out.

(A few minutes later)

Principal: Zane tells me it wasn't her fault.

(Zane and Kelly have argument whose fault it was.)

Principal: I'm going to write to both of you parents now back to class.

(In the hall)

Jane: I've signed you up for ballet,

Kelly: What? The french performance dance. which originated in the 15th century.

Jane: OK quit the facts and I'm sorry

Kelly: Where is it?

Jane: here in the hall, so are you coming?

Kelly: no, I've got to do some more maths practise,

(Kelly goes over to Charlotte)

Charlotte: What do you want nerd?

Kelly: I was wondering.. do you want to come and get a smoothie with me?

Charlotte: Why would I want to get a smoothie with a loner

Kelly: Sorry.

(Kelly walks home slowly)

Kelly: Mum, am I a nerd or a loner

Mum: No your my sweet little girl

Kelly: I'm not a little girl (funny voice)

Mum: Anyway dinners soon.

Kelly: Ok I'll be down soon.

(Kelly goes upstairs and gets a text, she opens phone slowly and carefully)

Kelly: Oh my gosh, it's from Charlotte, I knew she wanted to go and get smoothie.

(Kelly runs to the smoothie store)

Kelly: But there's no one here, well maybe she's late.

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