My First English Lesson

Topics: Critical thinking, Meaning of life, College Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: November 4, 2008
It was my first study week in Nilai International University College. I am in this college since the end of March 2008. That is the turning point in my life. Last time I was just a simply high school student who was busy in my previous school compound, SMJK Yu Hua Kajang. After the SPM examination, I worked part time until I get my result lately on 12th of March.

No longer after that, I turned into this college. I found that it is difficult for me to follow those subjects especially ENG112 after I went through the first week classes. The lecturer, Mr. Manickam had introduced us a lot of new ways for getting marks in our final result and I felt that it is not as easy as what other people talked to me.

It was my first English class on Monday. Mr. Manickam had told us the reason of taking the ENG112 papers and talked about the meanings of study and skills. On Tuesday, he asked us to introduce ourselves to let us know more about each other’s background. Through the ice breaker activity, I met friends from both local and foreign country in my class. Most of them can speak very fluently English. I started to have some stress with them. I hope I able to improve my English speaking skill while chatting with them especially foreign student.

Mr. Manickam had given us a ‘Welcome Test’ on Wednesday before we went to vote for the campus representative. There were three passages in the test and we were required to fill in the blanks with our own words. I took more time to finish that test compared to other students as I need to read many times to understand the meaning of the passages.

After that, Mr. Manickam asked us to read the meanings and introduction about critical thinking skills. I found it difficult for me to understand it because of my weak vocabulary. I tried to understand it by myself but I was unable to do it. Finally I did it in an hour of time with the aid of my dictionary inside my hand phone.

College life is unimaginable at night. My...
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