My Family

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My Ideal Family

This is my homework assignment from my Therapist. My next appointment is on Friday. I've been thinking a lot about it since he gave me the homework. Which is probabally exactly what he wants me to do. It also makes for a good blog post.

Having my own family is the most important thing to me. My ideal family would be very similar to the one I grew up in. Mom and Dad were married and never argued. I never knew about any kind of financial problems they might be having or any problems between my Mom and Dad. We lived in the same house and I went to the same schools until I was 15, when my Dad’s job got transferred to San Bernardino. I had a very secure and stable home environment.

This is the kind of life I want for my kids and myself. Unfortunately, I made a wrong choice for my “life partner” and never got to have that for my kids or myself. Not that I would take back the last 10 years for anything in the world, because I two very beautiful children out of it. But I didn’t choose someone who was stable.

I think this is one of the reasons why I was so attracted to Jerry. He’s lived in his house for 8 years. He OWNED his house. I’ve rented the entire time I was with Joel, so it was nice to have someone in my life that actually owned a home.

So anyways, back on the subject. I already have the kids; I just need a man to complete my family. At this point, I’m not sure if I want any more kids. I think if I loved him enough and he really wanted a child, and we were married and it felt right, I would be willing to have another kid with him since I love being a mom so much.

My ideal guy would have a career. It wouldn’t matter what he does as long as he made enough for us to live off of, along with my earnings. He would be attractive, a hard worker, caring, giving, affectionate, fun, spontaneous, and love me and my kids unconditionally. He would have to learn how to deal with me without fighting with me, for I can be very emotional and...
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