My Education Experience

Topics: Learning, Human anatomy, Human body Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: September 18, 2011
My Educational Experience

My name is Liang Yingyi, a new transfer student who major in nursing from Guangzhou, China. I have learned English since grade three in primary school and fortunately I did well in almost every English test in China. However, in the US I found that my vocabulary was never enough for me to express my thoughts and sometimes I couldn’t even understand in class. Besides, the grammar is another issue for me to focus on.

Before I entered university, I studied in No.16 High School, one of the best schools in my city, which was of help to form a base to my university study. We learned basic grammar of English, useful daily English and writing skills in class. As part of the regular classes every day, we also learned some American culture by video. The English corner provided many opportunities for us to access to foreigners and English as well. My major was biology in high school because I was interested in science especially the human body. At the same time, I really hoped I could devote myself to solve some serious problems of humans and develop a better life for them which were also my dreams. In the biology class, I learned the theory of evolution, the processes and functions of the body and how the nutrition operates in our body.

In order to pursue my dream, I chose nursing as my major in Guangzhou Medical University. I have a passion of helping people and improve their quality of life, so I studied hard in university. I even more treasured the chance of learning English because I knew maybe I had an opportunity to go abroad to further my academic career. With these two years of study and various kinds of practice including reading and writing in classes, my spoken English was raised to a higher level and I got a decent TOEFL score. Moreover, I even remember the detail of the lectures about western culture. Apart from taking regular English classes in college, I started to learn medical English by myself and borrowed some English...
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