My Current Career Aspiration

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Choosing the right career path can determine how successful you are in life. It’s very possible to change your mind several times before you find the career that works for you. Over time my career interests have changed with a wide variety from my childhood ideal career, the different careers I’ve previously attempted in the past, and my current career goals. Looking back on my childhood ideal career of becoming a veterinarian seems kind of silly now. Watching my childhood cat “Mrs. Kitty” go through her pregnancy and having her kittens allowed me to become more interested in the ideal of being veterinarian. I have always loved animals and felt the need to take care of them. I even volunteered at the Springdale animal shelter at one point. Just as my childhood is behind me so is the veterinarian career. In the past I’ve considered a couple different careers in Baking or as a stay at home mom. Baking is something I have always been very passionate about. Creating my very own recipes and cake decorating is “Icing on the cake” for me. I have considered a career as a stay at home mom as well because my mom stayed home with us growing up. Without my mom’s presence, my siblings and I would have had less supervision potential danger. These are just a few career options that weren’t the right path for me. My current career aspiration is to complete a degree in paralegal studies and then eventually become a lawyer. Currently attending school to be a paralegal because it is a good first step towards becoming a lawyer. After earning my degree I can work my way through law school as a paralegal. Hope to gain relevant work experience, and references that will help advance my career as a lawyer. Career possibilities and interests change overtime from childhood to present day including everything in-between. From my very first career goal as becoming a veterinarian to completing my current goal as becoming a successful lawyer. Don’t get discouraged if it takes...
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