My College Life

Topics: University, English-language films, Cagayan de Oro City Pages: 3 (1083 words) Published: January 13, 2013
My college life
A student like me is one of the thousand students in MSU-IIT who strive for the future in an institution which is renowned for its excellence when it comes to its graduates. Just a normal college student with a normal life living in a dormitory which is quite far from the campus vicinity and a teenager from Pagadian City went to Iligan City to pursue the dream of becoming an engineer with all the things that my parent gave me and the will to fulfill the chosen path what drive me to really stand for it because it is for the future and the future of my family. What matters the most to me is my way of living inside the campus in every day for in every single second that I will be inside the campus means a second of progress towards my very goal of becoming an engineer. As a student of MSU-IIT (Mindanao State University Iligan Institute of Technology) I have my day to day living inside the campus especially when it is school days. I encounter every day the usual life of a student attending his studies at one of the top university in the Mindanao. What is life inside the campus is the question which I want you all to know and I want to share to you. Well my life inside the campus always starts at the dormitory which I lived which is at a distance from the school vicinity and I used to have a walk in going to the campus but sometime I will take a ride in times of emergencies. When I’m already inside the campus my first destination every Monday will be the CSM (College of Science and Mathematics) where my physics lab class took place and every Tuesday and Thursday my destination will be CSM again for the whole day where my CHEM12 class happen in the morning with Prof. Barredo and in the afternoon is my MATH51 class with Prof. Tubo. After that day my schedule for tomorrow is quite fearsome for in the morning I will be in the College of Arts and Social Sciences attending my two subjects which are History 3 and English 2 with Prof....
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