My Career Aspirations

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Ever since childhood there have been many hopes and goals for the future. Along with these two were aspirations. There was always hope for something. I could not imagine that one day I would have to tie those hopes into my future. I thought my hopes were just silly childhood dreams that would eventually fade away as the years would change. For hours I would just sit and ponder over different things. Adults would say things like “What do you hope to become when adult hood is reached?” My reply would always be “I want to be a Master Chief of Cooking.” Thinking it would just happen when I reached the “golden” age of eighteen, I never once thought about how I would become a student that learning dance. However, the older I became, the more I thought about hopes. The dictionary states that hope is a wish or desire accompanied by confident expectation of its fulfilment. Knowing the true meaning of hope gave me an even stronger desire. The object of a strong desire or an ambition is an aspiration. From my hopes came an aspiration. I no longer wanted to be a Master Chief of Cooking. I wanted to be a different kind of man (performing arts). I wanted to be a strong man who could give back to his community about the Performing arts. I wanted to become an educator. I have a strong desire to become a teacher to teach the next young generations without all the attitudes and pressures of the world
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