Illegal Immigration in America

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Carmen Corbett
Mr. Tim Martin
ADV 100
June 11, 2013
Hopes and Dreams
Having hopes and dreams should be an essential element of everyone’s life, and for most that is the case, but for most of us our hopes and dreams seldom materialize, they remain intangible for a lifetime. In general term hope is the feeling that what is desired may be accomplished. defines hope as the state which promotes the belief in a good outcome related to events and circumstances in one’s life ( If held on to by the believer, hope will make you stronger.

Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions and thoughts that pass through the mind while sleeping or daydreaming (Merriam Webster 270). Dreams can be as big or as little as your mind will imagine them. You can conquer the world in your dream life you want to. As for me, my hopes and dreams have no boundaries.

Some of the things that I desire in life require a formal education, so getting my associates degree is the first tangible thing that I am doing to accomplish my dreams. To accomplish this I expect I will have many late night reading and studies and will probably miss out on some fun activities with my family; however, I am willing and ready to make the needed sacrifices to make my hope and dreams reality.

I expect there will be some negative and positives reactions to my decision to go back to school at my age, some of the negative reactions have even come from me. You know that little devil that sometimes reside on your left shoulder telling us what we can’t accomplish, you know the one that lays out a lot of reasons ranging from your age, your lack of knowledge, your ability learn and keep up with your peers.

Olympic athlete Gail Devers was quoted saying “Keep your dreams alive” and understands that to achieve anything in life requires faith and belief in your vision, hard work, determination as well as dedication (cookeecorp, The bible says that all...

Merriam Webster 270
KJV Mark 9:23
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