Mustang Music Case Analysis

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Mustang Music Case Analysis
Date: 12/11/2011
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Mustang Music is a music store. Its president and chief executive officer (CEO) is Arthur Weber. He “graduated from a well-known performing arts conservatory with a master’s degree in music, double majoring in classical guitar and composition.” He opened the store three years ago.

Weber’s emerging vision was not merely to operate a music store and earn a living. Mustang Music’s strategy from the start concentrated more on quality of its services and the richness of its product. Weber “wanted to provide a world-class musical education and high quality instruments to the general population and perhaps in the process, help to identify and develop the next gifted Hendrix,” Santana, Joe Satriani or even Keith Richards.

With the perfect combination of store location, effective promotional style and great customer relationship building skills, Weber was successful in achieving his vision that he set for himself and for Mustang Music.

The store has three zones: retail showroom, five small-soundproofed classrooms and office area. Its classroom setup was well planned and organized which provided great convenience not only to its customers, but also to the employees. The environment was built on such that it motivated not only the students that participated in its music, but also their parents, thereby, encouraging them to create long term commitment to its institution to deliver excellent tuition in music and to generate interest and nurture the talent that the students possessed. Weber saw this long-term commitment, though not legally binded, as a strong building ground and signified symbolic values. He also made sure the store location was in a neighborhood that provided every resource for it to develop in the best possible manner, surrounded by many academics so it could be accessible to top-notch university trained music instructors. Not only did Mustang Music attracted this skillful people, but key...

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