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By carnie92 Nov 18, 2008 917 Words
Fascism in Italy
Mussolini was started the Fascist Party in Italy. He was expelled from the Socialist party in 1915 and he then went to fight in WWI. He was injured and returned to Italy and started a new political party, the Fascist party. The Fascists centered on an Ethnic state, in which they are all united by their heritage and looks. The Fascist party was very violent and soon spread to many areas of life in Italy. The police soon came under control by the fascists and the fascists even started their own militia. The violence increased and freedom was lessened. Secret police and assignation teams (also known as black shirts) had control of the streets. The fascists were very pro-violence, anti-democracy, and anti-communism. The Party believed in only one absolute ruler and the retraction of many freedoms. All other political parties were banned in Italy, so were labor unions. Books and papers were censored, and education was reviewed so that it would favor the fascist government. Mussolini helped the public by the use of public work camps, which gave jobs to the large number of unemployed people in Italy at the time. It also provided Italy with new and improved roadways. Fascism brought a sound economy to Italy during the Depression, but at the cost of freedoms. Benito Mussolini and the Fascist party lost popularity by siding with the Germans. Becoming allies with the Germans became unpopular when the Germans started to lose the war. Public opinion in Italy of Italy’s involvement in the war became extremely negative when the Allies invaded Italy. In April 1945 Benito Mussolini was shot and hung upside down with many of his fellow fascists. The fascist movement was made illegal after the resistance killed Benito Mussolini, and without a strong leader the Fascist party crumbled. This site was a good site, it has several very informative timelines. It also explores several commonly asked questions, and answers why and how Mussolini came to power. The source also helps to define what fascism is and what it does. This site is from the point of view of the Italians and tells of the mistakes of Mussolini. This site is mostly text about fascism and Mussolini. This site is very professional and has their sources cited on the page. It is a research journal from Brown College and the information seems to be accurate. It is mostly text and lends more insight into how fascism gained popularity and came to power in Italy. This site also has several links on it. Benito Mussolini

Benito Mussolini was born on July 29, 1883 outside the village of Predappio in the Northeastern Italian Province of Forli. Benito Mussolini had one brother and one sister, Armaldo and Edvige. He first worked for the socialist party and then was expulsed from that party because of his Pro-WWI views. He was drafted in September of 1915 and when he returned form that war he started the Fascist party. After gaining much support he demanded that King Victor Emmanuel III appoint him Prim Minister of Italy. In October 1922 he became prime minister of Italy. The fascist party then won the next election and Mussolini too over as ruler in 1925. They called him “Duce” (leader) because his title was “head of the government”. Mussolini made his image to be that of a superman, and that he was to be absolute in his power. Mussolini spread fascism to other countries. He invaded Ethiopia in 1935 and made that country a fascist colony. Mussolini allied Italy with Nazi-Germany during World War II. The Nazi party was modeled after the fascists. Many opposed this alliance and it made Mussolini unpopular with his people. Mussolini had to flee Italy, he was helped by the Germans and hid in Germany for a while. Mussolini tried to return to Italy and gain power but was overthrown in 1943 when Allied forces invaded Italy. He was shot in 1945 when he tried to flee the country. His body has then hung up to show how badly he was hated for his involvement in World War II. This site offers a timeline of Mussolini’s acts as ruler and his rise to power. The source has an objective point of view and states many facts. This site was made to educate people about Mussolini’s life; there is text on his life and a few pictures of Mussolini. It shows the positive things he did, such as jobs and the elimination of unemployment, and the negative ones, such as censorship and the elimination of political parties other than fascism. It also has links to other sites on fascism. This site is a biography of the Italian dictator covering the rise of Italian fascism in between the wars and the period of fascist dictatorship. It offers much information on the entire life of Mussolini. It is useful if you would like to learn more about the dictator. This is another excellent site to learn about the life of Mussolini. It has only two pages of text all about Mussolini, it was written as a report on his life and it emphases his life as an adult and is short and to the poin

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