Music's Role in Film

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Music’s Role in Film
Music played during a movie and the soundtracks that go along with the movie play a significant role as the mood settles for the movie. If one is watching a scary movie, then a slower, creepier tone is appropriate, but if one is watching an action movie, then a fast paced song is better suited for the scene. In a sense, the soundtrack is what gives the movie its existence. Soundtracks must fit the movie perfectly, and in some cases people remember a certain song before an important event that occurred in the movie. A soundtrack plays just as big a role as the movie itself. If the plot does not fit the music of the movie, then the movie itself would not make any sense. Diner is a pleasant movie made in the 80’s looking back into the 50’s with an unforgettable soundtrack that appeals directly to the design of the movie. Another 80’s movie is The Big Chill, which takes place in the 80’s, but it is a movie of remembrance on a decade when the entire cast was all together. The movie looks back on the 60’s and has a soundtrack that appropriately sets the mood throughout the movie.

Music in the 50’s was made for people to get up and dance. For this one group of young men in Baltimore, music was an inspiration of feeling. The music gave these men a sense of feeling, and energy that most films do not. For this movie to be written in the 80’s and about the 50’s, I thought the cast did a fantastic job setting the scene in the Diner. Now when I see a diner, I will have a new representation, a picture that revolves around the music I heard during the movie. An image and mood I get from The Big Chill is more of a mellow 60’s feeling. These individuals’ greatest pastimes occurred in the 60’s; I found it more interesting to hear 60’s music rather than 80’s music simply because it does not describe the characters in the movie as well. These people seemed so much happier when they were together in the 60’s, and now all split up in the 80’s they feel lost in...
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