Mushrooms by Silvia Plath Thinking/Talking Points:

Topics: Poetry, Stanza, Poetic form Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: March 29, 2011
Mushrooms by Silvia Plath
Thinking/Talking Points:

a) They way the poem is written out is very unusual and interesting, which was already pointed out by you in class. When turning the page 90 degrees you may see something that looks similar to a field of mushrooms. Or when looking at the stanzas you can see that all of them are short (stanza with three short lines), also the poem is consists of many stanzas which one could compare to the “typical” or ”standard” mushrooms you see in the forest since they are often small and in hiding, however in a rather large group. b) The rhythm of the poem reminds me very much of nursery rhymes my parents used to tell me when I was little. It is very simply written and uses a lot of repletion of sounds. Also I am not sure if this is correct she also uses metaphors to characterize Mushrooms. I believe that the poem suggest about the mushrooms that that are often underestimated, and too easily forgotten.

2. When reading to poem with Stine we actually had the discussion about how we should present the poem when spoken out load. We debated if it should sound scary, innocent or maybe sneaky and if we should do it loudly or I quiet tone of voice. At the end we decided to vary our mood and tone of voice while reading it because nothing is at it seems and life is not monotone and always the same either. 3. I would describe these mushrooms as inconspicuous, humanized and sneaky. 4. “Soft fists insist” might suggest about their personality that they are fighters and can be strong and determined to do something even if it’s hard. 5. When I first read the 5th/6th stanza were it says: “Earless and eyeless perfectly voiceless”, It seemed very humanized. I realized how true it actually is. When walking in the forest I never realize mushrooms. I can hear the threes in the wind, birds chirping and the crunching of leaves and branches when walking; however I never really see mushrooms that often...
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