Multifunction Intelligent Headphone System

Topics: Arithmetic, User interface, Sound Pages: 4 (633 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Title: Multifunction Intelligent Headphone System


➢ To provide users great comfort, high sound quality, as well as safety.

Scope and Limitation

The project describes the design specifications for the multifunction Intelligent Headphone System. All the hardware and software design details are covered. This project also specifies the design testing and user interface for the end product. This project is intended for all the clients who are willing and interested to use this kind of system.

Circuit Diagram


The Microcontroller is directly linked to the voice recognition and the volume control module. The headphone is directly linked to the volume controller. There are to boxes highlighted. The highlighted blue box contains digital pins; the volume controller module can be controlled from any pins from the blue box, D2 – D11. The highlighted yellow box contains analog pins; these pins will be connected to the user interface buttons, where mode of operation, reset, and power options are to be selected. The usages of the pins are determined by the one who is going to program.

Block Diagram of the System

The MIHS is a feedback system and all the functions are controlled by the microcontroller. Noise being captured as input signal and processed to determine if certain action is required. The MIHS can be modeled at a high-level as shown in the figure below:


From the block diagram, ambient sounds are being captured by the microphone of the voice recognition module, the EasyVr. The EasyVr will perform noise filtering and convert the signal to digital signal and sends it to the microcontroller.

The microcontroller has three main operations: checks the mode of operation, perform arithmetic operations, and sends pulse signals. The mode of operation is controlled by the switches, the three modes are: word, sound,...
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