Multicultural Teams

Topics: Culture, Construction, Project management Pages: 3 (817 words) Published: June 26, 2013
Construction projects have dramatically increased in complexity, requiring a culturally and functionally diverse mix of individuals which must be integrated into an effective unit- a project team. effective teamwork is the key to project success during all phases of the project life cycle. Multicultural team is a team with members coming from more than one culture.. And this is what is happening now in different working places. On other hand there is increasing attention being paid to the importance of multi-cultural teams, i.e. working teams within international business that can benefit from as wide a knowledge and understanding as possible of the different cultures that have a bearing on the world of commerce. As recruitment of managers becomes more global, the prevalence of multi-cultural teams becomes greater; there is a consequent need to analyze how these teams work and understand their strengths and weaknesses. management of a multicultural team is an important aspect of human resource management . However there has been little research into construction-specific multicultural teams and many construction organizations, although expanding in global operation do not fully appreciate the implication and the possible effects of using multicultural teams. For example the perception by Early and Mosakowski (2000) stated that multicultural teams are used because they are perceived to out-perform monoculture teams. Teamwork is important for project success and tends to be less in a multicultural teams due to diversity in ideas, work ethics, communication, differing attitudes towards hierarchy and authority and conflicting norms for decision making. Which all brings about the need for teamwork improvement. in a multicultural team to archive project success. NEED FOR THE STUDY

* to explain to which extent conflict can be minimised in a multicultural team * To explain to which extent the multicultural...
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