“Multi-Tasking” to People

Topics: Writing, Mind, Time, Thought, Essay / Pages: 3 (631 words) / Published: Apr 19th, 2012
Tu Nguyen
Revised essay #7
“Multi-tasking” to People Nowadays, when our lives are more and more modern and busy, everything always requires people to be active. And “multi-taskers” is a word that mention about people who can do several things at once. For instance, people in general and students in particular can talk on the phone while they are typing text on the computer; they can clean their house while they are listening to music, or students can do their homework while they are browsing the net. However, there is always one question that still doesn’t have an exact answer: “Can multi-taskers live their lives better than single-taskers while we all know that our brains have cognitive limits?” According to the research “How to Do One Thing at a Time” from Women’s Health Magazine, May 2010, it is easy for people to lose their concentration if they multi-task. Moreover, after an experiment about memory test with a group of students at Stanford University, there was a result that showed the multi-taskers could not do significantly better than single-tasking people. Occasionally, we people want or try doing several things at the same time because we think we are able to settle successfully than only a thing or we don’t want to waste a lot of time to do thing one by one. In my personal opinion, I don’t say that people who consider multi-tasking as a great ability are not reasonable, but I prefer and I recommend that people should concentrate on one thing first, and then do the next thing, so that everything will be even best. Why? The reason is I believe “few things but good” is better than “many things but bad”. In daily life, I am sometimes a multi-tasker. I listen to music, browse the internet, and watch TV while I am doing my homework or I cook while cleaning my house. After a period of time, I realize that the time and the quality when I have been a multi-tasker to solve my things are worse than when I do one thing at a time. What’s

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