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When we multitask, we harm ourselves and don't do things as well as we would if we were focused on a single task. According to the author, "a recent article published in the science journal Neuro Image revealed that when we attempt demanding task simultaneously,we ended up doing neither as well as we should because our brains have cognitive limits". In other words,the author is trying to say that is better to do one thing at a time than multitasking because the brain will work better, and if we are multitasking,we will have a worse memory. For example, sometimes at my job, I have to multitask. This made my memory worse because I try to do three or more jobs at once, like holding wires, connecting them, connecting outlets talking on the phone, and making sure other people are doing their job right, and at the end of the day, i forget to do an important job. Just like tge article says, it is better to have our brain concentrated on once thing at the time to do a good job and avoid any harm to ourselves or others. In addition,multitasking is a habit that we have to work to break. As in article said " that its possible to repair your power concentration" In others words, we can find the way to help us with the problem the multitasking. Also find the solution to restar our focus and concentration in what we do. For example, few years ago I had a multitasking habit, like when I was trying to do my homework, I was chatting and listen music in the same time, so thats make I broke my concentration in my homework and I stared to have problems in my class like I lose points in my homeworks and also when the teacher
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