Multi Agency Working

Topics: Social work, International Federation of Social Workers, Health care Pages: 6 (1689 words) Published: November 5, 2012
Joanne Wootton 24/10/12

* The importance of multi agency and integrated working
As an early year setting we are required to help the children achieve the five outcomes of the UK government they include stay safe, enjoy and achieve, be healthy, make a positive contribution and achieve economic well being. We do everything we can to follow these outcomes but sometimes we need to contact and utilise other professionals to help us achieve these, it’s important to work together with these other professionals to help improve the five outcomes and make a difference in the children’s learning and development. If a child has any special education needs (SED), then sometimes that child might struggle to participate in certain activities this is where we work together as a team with the other professionals and support the child and parent/s or carer to help the child’s development and to help them become a confident learner and self assured.

* How effective multi agency working operates and how it benefits children and carers by delivering better outcomes Multi agency working is different agencies, services, professionals and practitioners that will work together to provide help for children and parents. As well as working together with carers and parents practitioners need to recognise that this should be taking place with multi agency working together also. Settings will point parents in the right direction of other agencies which will benefit them, these services are sometimes integrated together to offer a more effective care for the children. Children that are in a setting may have a wide range of needs and working together with these other professionals can have a strong positive impact on the child’s health, learning and development. The professionals that work together with the families and practitioners can share a lot of information, they can agree on what way they can assess and plan for a particular child, to help the child reach their full potential the parents and child can be involved in the planning, by sharing information like this it is important that confidentiality is maintained at all times.

* Describe the functions of the external agencies that work with your setting

Ofstead: Inspect provision of care in the setting. Ofstead make sure that all staff is up to date on any training and that we are providing a safe and healthy environment for the children and that we are following the eyfs. Ofstead will provide any information, support and advice for all staff as well as the setting itself.

Police: Incase of an emergency the police are there for support and help. They will be contacted if such emergencies arise such as missing child, breaking and entry, suspicious persons, they also may be point of contact if there is a suspected case of abuse or violence.

Health care professionals: if a child has a development need, we often work together with a range of health professionals such as speech and language therapists. They provide advice and information using different methods on ways to help a child to overcome or improve a difficulty. Recently the speech therapist has worked together with the designated SENCO worker our setting, they take a few children with different needs into a quite stimulating room and do different songs and stories with them, encouraging the children to join in, also doing sign language for the songs for example one child has glue ear so they struggle with hearing, this group time will help the children become more confident and help with their development and needs.

Social services: If we are worried a child is in any danger of abuse or violence then the social services will work with the setting to help support the child and anyone who is involved such as any key workers or parents, the social services will work to end any suffering or cruelty to a child with the help of any staff that have witnessed anything, whilst confidentiality is maintained at all times....
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